Bright Landscape Painting Class (Free!)

I will be teaching a bright landscape class for oil and acrylic in the coming months at Artist & Craftsman Supply here in Seattle, WA.

I will be covering how to utilize a more vibrant application of color to brighten up landscapes from traditional color palettes. With winter skies darkening, we're going to focus on bringing a little color into our lives in a punk rock Bob Ross style.

While we work out the details of the date(s), I wanted to provide the class supply list ahead of time. Students will have the choice between working in oil or acrylic. 
Some color choices have multiple options so that students can find them in multiple brands to suit their pricing needs.
I will be asking the oil painters to only use Gamsol to clean their brushes, and to keep it sealed while painting to limit usage in case of other students having sensitivities. Most of your brush cleaning will be done with linseed oil.

This first class will be free for all participants. Future classes will have a fee.



- Golden OPEN Matte Medium


- 4oz Linseed oil
- 4oz Galkyd 
- 4oz Gamsol

Color List for Both Oil & Acrylic:

- Hansa Yellow/Azo Yellow/ Primary Yellow
- Indian Yellow/Yellow Ochre/Gold Ochre
- Pyrrole Red
- Primary Magenta
- Ultramarine Blue
- Emerald Green/Phthalo Green (BS) 
- Burnt Umber
- Titanium White

Extras/Optional Colors
- Cobalt Blue/Primary Cyan
- Prussian Blue
- Paynes Gray
- Van Dyke Brown
- Sap Green/Hooker's Green
*It would be advised to have at least two of the darker colors for mixing, however I will try to provide extra colors if needed.

Brush List for Both Oil & Acrylic:

* I would suggest using synthetic bristle brushes for either oil or acrylic. Feel free to get a Princeton Value Pack if cost is an issue or you're just starting out (the #9154 bristle brush pack would work perfectly).

- 2 Round or Liner
- 2 Fan
- 4 Flat
- 6 Filbert
- 10-12 Flat


Feel free to choose from a range of 8x10 to 11x14 canvases.
*Please avoid any aluminum, canvas, or wood panels for now unless you are confident in priming and applying gesso to them before your class.

Other Supplies:
- Paper towels
- A few color landscape photos for reference (Can be printed or cut out from magazines, etc)

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