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Bright Applications of Color

In the recent weeks as I've been preparing for a bright color landscape class, I've been testing out my own color usage and have been experimenting with new ways to see color in art.

One of the projects along the way was using a thin layer of Golden's OPEN Acrylic Matte Medium as a "liquid clear" (so to speak) before applying acrylic to the canvas. I used a Fredrix round canvas as a test and a photo I found of a beautiful landscape in Iceland.
I mapped out my colors first doing color swatches on canvas paper, and also did an example on the right of most color mixes as to why using black is not the best idea for tinting colors darker. Generally Van Dyke Brown and Paynes Gray, or even Prussian Blue, are far better to use for shadows and darkening colors.

The left side of the color chart is brighter colors for highlighting, whereas the right is general mixing but with white to lighten on the left side of the blends and black to darken on the right (which shows that …

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